Saturday, March 7, 2009

tree swing

The kids have been talking about a tree swing at the Wild Hair Ranch for months. I promised that I'd make it happen. It's so easy to promise and then just sort of put it off. I want to keep my promises.

So this weekend it happened. We picked the oak best suited for a tree swing and then I drilled through a six inch limb to insert a big eye bolt. We then had to get the right rope and use splices to attach it to the eye bolt. A friend gave us a fun round disk to sit on. We also had to move the 200+ log wood pile that happened to be located under the selected oak. The kids were a great help and so excited to finally swing. Its built to last and built for fun. I predict the tree swing will see a ton of use.

So here are pictures of the older three. . . . and I've posted a bunch more at the picasa site. . . .

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


One of the surprises of the WHR is the backyard frogs. There is a little concrete pond and apparently lots and lots of frogs. They sing every night. Loudly!

Haaken likes to go out to "see the frogs" with a flashlight.

Wondering about the mosquitos in the pond in the future . . .