Thursday, September 10, 2009

non noblis solum

non noblis solum = not for us alone

We've tried to design a house that is open and functional, creative and can handle lots of people because we believe that it is "not for us alone."

But what is it going to look like? If you've seen some of the other pics, you've probably been wondering if its not just a big box. Yep, that's what it is. Our goal all along has been to build as much square footage for as cheap as we can. Our architect, Jen Martin of Elements Design has clearly helped us achieve that.

Here's a fun rendering of what the outside is going to look like. . . .

  • a big modern barn was the goal
  • straight lines to keep building costs down
  • two stories, 10 foot ceilings on the bottom, 9 foot on the top
  • lots of windows, combination of storefront and aluminum
  • corugated metal siding, with cedar siding
  • 2 big roll-up garage doors, one in the living room and one in the school room

I'll try and upload the floor plan as soon as I can. . . . T.

status update, 09.10.09

We've been so busy vacationing, starting school and trying desperately to stay ahead of the decision curve, that its been difficult to find time to blog.

Here's where we're at. . .
  • Foundation was formed in early August

  • Radiant floor tubing and plumbing was installed and the foundation was poured while we were on vacation August 10 - 20. Septic also installed.

  • Slab "cured" for 3 weeks to prepare for grinding. Well system and electric trenching and piping happened during this time.

  • First week of September my brother chad and his crew (I helped a bit) ground and then polished the downstairs floor to 80% completion. Downstairs polished concrete floors are going to be distinct and amazing. Couldn't have happened without Chad.
  • Windows and doors were ordered this week from Atascadero Glass. Roger Grant has been amazing.

  • Framing started on Tuesday. First floor walls went up today. Breathtaking! General Contractor Kevin Hunstad has been a joy throughout. Open, flexible, creative and budget concious.

Lots more pics have been added to the slideshow in the right margin. Click it to go to Picasa.